PICC Lines Benefit Hospitals

PICCs Help Bring Down Costs

·          PICCs can save the hospital money by often making early hospital discharge possible.The reasons:

Complications such as phlebitis and infiltration are reduced

Patients are no longer subject to delays of certain medical and non-medical services that are not available 'round the clock

PICCS can be well cared for at home, making early discharge practical

PICC lines have the lowest rate of infection of all central lines, saving costs and time

·          PICCs can reduce operational costs incurred by multiple peripheral sticks and radiology referrals. And PICC lines are more cost-effective: they're cheaper to insert and maintain than other types of central lines, and they have potentially long dwell times.

·          PICCs have become an essential service --especially needed by patients receiving long-term or continuous infusion therapy or patients with poor veins.

·          PICCs enhance patient satisfaction by decreasing venipunctures and allowing more freedom for a more normal lifestyle.

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